Achieve 360° of Reliability

Comprehensive reliability-centered programs for electric power distribution systems

What We Do

PowerPro 360 provides asset management software, training, and professional networking opportunities to help organizations achieve a reliability-centered maintenance program. We help businesses plan, prioritize, trend, and consider the criticality and health of their maintenance programs and electric power equipment assets.

Our Services

Asset Management

Get an accurate assessment of your electric power equipment to maximize reliability. AssetPro gives you a clear picture of everything going on and how to predict and prevent downtime.

Electric Power Training

Our training group has over 150 courses available on-demand and live online to meet your electric power training needs. Our training advisors will help you set up and track a training plan for your entire corporation.

Is Your Electric Power System At Risk?

Get an assessment to understand the health of your system.

Unplanned downtime or unexpected equipment failures can be frustrating and costly. Plus, power distribution systems can have more than 1000 pieces of equipment with differing maintenance levels by voltage class.  Managing this can be a challenge!

AssetPro allows you to deeply understand the criticality and health of every piece of electrical equipment in your system and apply maintenance standards and historic activity into a manageable data program. That means you have the confidence, protection, and preparation to maximize system-wide reliability for your electric power system.

“75% of organizations do not have an existing corporate reliability program or a way to assess electric power reliability risks.”
HVES Focus Group
Senior Corporate Reliability

About Us

PowerPro 360 is a Good Place Holdings organization and a sister company of SDMyers, Inc. Based in Tallmadge, OH, PowerPro 360 has decades of experience in electric power reliability. Our dedicated staff of reliability professionals and specialists work to keep your power on and your operation running.

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Learn more about how you can maximize system-wide reliability with AssetPro consulting or level up your knowledge with our industry leading training courses.
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