AssetPro Assessment

Evaluate and assess your electric power system

Is your electric power system at risk?

Not knowing could cost you.

Unplanned downtime or unexpected equipment failures can be frustrating and costly. AssetPro Assessment allows you to deeply understand the criticality and health of every piece of electrical equipment in your system. That means you have the confidence, protection, and preparation to maximize system-wide reliability for your electric power system.

How AssetPro Assessment helps your organization

Rate Equipment Criticality

Understanding which equipment is mission-critical versus which is non-critical helps your organization make clear decisions about reliability needs.

Generate System Health Reports

Get a visual report of system health with a color-coded matrix for each piece of equipment. Rest easy with knowing the true health of your system.

Prioritize Maintenance Needs

AssetPro Assessment helps you know what maintenance tasks to prioritize and when to prioritize them—saving you time, money, and effort.

Manage and Mitigate Risks

When components fail and are replaced, the change can affect equipment further down the line. With a system-wide assessment, you know all the risks ahead of time.

Meet Industry Standards (ANSI NETA)

There are often more than 20 assets in a high-voltage system that must comply with regulations and industry standards. Avoid months of research with AssetPro Assessment.

It’s Easy to Get Started…

Follow these three simple steps to get started with AssetPro Assessment and build a reliable power distribution system.

Get Assessment

First, we comprehensively assess your equipment and get to know every part of your system based on industry regulations and standards.

Evaluate Health

Next, you get a complete inventory of your electrical assets with risk conditions, reliability standards, and maintenance recommendations.

Maximize Reliability

Last, establish a plan to help you create a world-class electric power system that ensures a reliable future for you and your operations.

Why is AssetPro Assessment so important?

“It can be hard to manage all the assets in a complicated electrical distribution system. It’s even more frustrating when something doesn’t work right, and you wish you could’ve seen it coming. AssetPro Assessment gives us a clear picture of everything that is going on and how to predict and prevent downtime.”

— AssetPro Assessment customer

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AssetPro Assessment is powered by PowerPro 360

PowerPro 360 provides asset assessment software, training, and professional networking opportunities to help organizations achieve a reliability-centered maintenance program. We help businesses plan, prioritize, trend, and consider the criticality and health of their maintenance programs and electric power equipment.

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