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Maintain a Reliable Power Distribution Program with AssetPro

The Two Challenges Facing Every Electric Power System

Not knowing could cost you.

If you are responsible for maintaining an electric power distribution system, you’re the one whom they rely on to keep the power running uninterrupted. If the power goes down, so does production. Unplanned outages are costly and always come as a surprise. That means managing the reliability of the system is of utmost importance. But there are two challenges facing every electric power system.

  1. How do you manage the hundreds or even thousands of electrical components of a power distribution system?
  2. What standards do you use to maintain and determine the health of every component and piece of equipment in the system?
What if there was a simple solution that handles each of these challenges?
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Power distribution systems can have more than 1000s of pieces of 25 different types of equipment with differing maintenance levels by voltage class. Managing this can be a nightmare if data, testing results, and equipment information is scattered across spreadsheets and filing cabinets.

AssetPro is a program that takes all your equipment nameplate and historical testing data and sorts it by equipment type and voltage class. It then takes that historical data and matches it against the ANSI NETA standards to evaluate the health of the equipment and determine when the next maintenance should be done.

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Reliable Reporting & Results

AssetPro makes it easy to see an accurate assessment of your electric power equipment at a glance. See where your equipment meets or fails standards, where data is missing, and where you need to invest more attention.

AssetPro will Help You:

Understand the criticality and health of every piece of electrical equipment.
Apply maintenance standards and historic activity into a manageable data program.
Sort equipment by type, location, maintenance needs, health, and criticality.
Gain the confidence, protection, and preparation needed to maximize system-wide reliability.
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AssetPro is Asset Management, Made Simple

Rate Equipment Criticality

Understanding which equipment is mission-critical versus which is non-critical helps your organization make clear decisions about reliability needs.

Generate System Health Reports

Get a visual report of system health with a color-coded matrix for each piece of equipment. Rest easy with knowing the true health of your system.

Prioritize Maintenance Needs

AssetPro Assessment helps you know what maintenance tasks to prioritize and when to prioritize them—saving you time, money, and effort.

Manage and Mitigate Risks

When components fail and are replaced, the change can affect equipment further down the line. With a system-wide assessment, you know all the risks ahead of time.

Meet Industry Standards (ANSI NETA)

There are often more than 20 assets in a high-voltage system that must comply with regulations and industry standards. Avoid months of research with AssetPro Assessment.

Simplify With AssetPro

How Does AssetPro Work?

Maintaining a reliable electric power distribution system with AssetPro is simple and easy. Here’s how it works:

Gather All Historical Data

Send all historical maintenance data, equipment nameplate data, or a recent arc flash study to your AssetPro Project Manager. That includes any CMMS reports, Excel files, PDF records, Arc Flash study results, or paper records you have on file.

Program Does the Work

Your AssetPro Project Manager will enter all the data into your custom AssetPro program. Calculations, matching the equipment to the ASNI NETA standards, and evaluation will happen automatically.

Evaluate the System

Sort, filter, and evaluate every piece of equipment and component for health and criticality with accuracy and clarity. Send your AssetPro project management new data as it is generated or when you want your specific specifications updated, such as custom testing intervals or equipment criticality.

Why is AssetPro Assessment so important?

“It can be hard to manage all the assets in a complicated electrical distribution system. It’s even more frustrating when something doesn’t work right, and you wish you could’ve seen it coming. AssetPro Assessment gives us a clear picture of everything that is going on and how to predict and prevent downtime.”

— AssetPro Assessment customer

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