Transformer Management 1

Transformer Management 1 (TM1) is intended to lay a strong foundation for those who are in any way responsible for transformer maintenance. Students will gain a basic understanding of transformers, oil and electrical tests, maintenance principles, and the importance of a reliable electrical power system.

Live Online: $995

Credits you will earn: 2.05 CEU | 20.5 PDH | 20 NETA CTD

What You’ll Learn

Transformer Management 1 (TM1) offers a series of nine courses that will lay a solid foundation for those who are responsible for transformer maintenance.

You will leave this course with practical knowledge about:

  • Transformer management from a reliability perspective
  • Chemical and electrical tests
  • Industry standards and their application
  • Transformer maintenance solutions

Course Dates:

Live Online:


What’s Included:

  • Live online or in-person format
  • Real-world case studies and discussion
  • Industry credits (2.05 CEU/20.5 PDH/20 NETA CTD)
  • Access to course recordings for 12 months
  • Copy of Transformer Maintenance Guide, 3rd edition
  • Transformer moisture calculator

Who is it for?

  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Reliability Specialists
  • Facility Managers
  • Electrical Maintenance professionals
  • Anyone responsible for electric power mainenance

Course Content

Transformer Management 1 is the first step in obtaining the Master Transformer Maintenance Professional Certification awarded by SDMyers. More information regarding the Certifications available from SDMyers can be found in the file repository section of the course. Purchase the Learning Plan “Transformer Management 1” to take all 9 individual courses that make up that entire course. Purchasing as the Learning Plan saves $200!

Introduction to Reliability Centered Maintenance

This course is designed to create awareness of transformer management from a reliability perspective.

This course is a 2 hour course which earns .20 CEU / 2 PDH / 2 NETA CTD

Transformer Components and Functions

This course will identify transformer components and subcomponents. It will describe the functions of the components and the elements of design that affect maintenance including core configuration, winding type, conductor material, solid insulation type, cooling, and oil preservation.

This course is a 2 hour course which earns .20 CEU / 2 PDH / 2 NETA CTD

Solid Insulation Life and Aging

This class will cover the importance of the solid insulation in transformers. Attendees will take an in-depth look into the mechanical strength of the paper , and will understand that maintaining mechanical strength of the solid insulation is critical to extending the life of the transformer.

This course is a 2 hour course which earns .20 CEU / 2 PDH / 2 NETA CTD

Insulating Liquids

This course will cover the four functions of insulating liquids in transformers. It will identify the aging mechanism of mineral oil, understand the use of inhibitor, and cover the application of alternate fluids.

This is a 2.5 hour course which earns .25 CEU/2.5 PDH / 2.5 NETA CTD

Oil Tests and Interpretation

This course will cover sampling and inspection practices for fluid filled transformers. It will cover routine and non-routine tests that can be performed and will identify industry standards for these tests.

This course is a 2.5 hour course which earns .25 CEU / 2.5 PDH / 2.5 NETA CTD

Moisture in Transformers

This course will address the problems created by moisture in transformers. It will cover percent saturation, percent moisture by dry weight, and why those responsible for transformer maintenance need to understand the importance of managing moisture in their transformer fleet.

This course is a 2-hour course which earns .20 CEU / 2 PDH / 2 NETA CTD

Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) & Furans

This course will cover the scope of DGA and the formation and sources of dissolved gases in mineral oil immersed transformers. It will review the interpretation tools and guidance of the IEEE standards. It will cover how to identify furan content and how to understand furan testing.

This course is a 2.5 -hour course which earns .25 CEU / 2.5 PDH / 2.5 NETA CTD

Electrical Testing

This course will cover the various field electrical tests performed. It will cover a description of the test, the purpose of each test, and how to interpret the results. This class includes several case studies for real-world examples.

This course is a 2.5-hour course which earns .25 CEU / 25 PDH / 2.5 NETA CTD

Applied Transformer Maintenance

This course will cover the importance of extending the reliable life of the transformer by mechanical maintenance, electrical maintenance, and fluid maintenance. It will cover the corrective processes used in extending the life of the insulation system of the transformer. It will compare/contrast these oil processes and their performances.

This course is a 2 1/2 -hour course which earns .25 CEU / 2.5 PDH / 2.5 NETA CTD

Learning Built For You

This learning plan is built for those whose job requires a basic understanding of:


Oil & Electrical Tests

Maintenance Principles

The Importance of a Reliable Electrical Power System

Meet the Instructor

Aris Peña, CRL

Aris Peña is the Program Manager and Lead Instructor with PowerPro360. Beginning his career as an International Business Development Representative, he has over 15 years of experience with power transformers. In addition to instructing, Aris plays an integral part in the technical development and design of all PowerPro360 training curriculum. He is an active member of IEEE, ASTM, CIGRE, SMRP, and the Association of Asset Management Professionals and is a Certified Reliability Leader (CRL).

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